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Rifling Swin Alien

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Rifling Swin Alien
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  • Model: Rifling Swin Alien
  • Weight: 2.00kg
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Premium Grade, CNC Built, High Precision

Introducing a premium foam dart springer from Rifling Swin, Alien. A highly precise and fully CNC metal built with anodized finished giving your blaster a top notch durability and quality assured from Rifling Swin. This blaster capable to do around 140-145 FPS with Worker Gen 3 Darts with the 5kg spring that being installed in the blaster.

Sleek design on the blaster, provide a better ergonomic grip that make operating the blaster become easier and smoother. The blaster also come with a proprietary CNC metal magazine that able to load upto 7 rounds of short foam darts. Also the blaster also have installed with the picatinny rails that you able to mount any kind of optics or accessories that you wish to pair with the blaster.

A bearing scar muzzle from Rifling Swin will be included in with the Alien blaster, this bearing scar muzzle is a 9 degree angle with 12 bearings in it providing you a better accuracy for your blaster. This bearing scar muzzle is a friction fit type, able to fit on any foam dart blaster barrel. 

Rifling Swin Alien only come in Silver

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