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Monkee Mods Firefly v2.5 Unicorn Edition (Magazine Fed)

Monkee Mods Firefly v2.5 Unicorn Edition (Magazine Fed)
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  • Model: Monkee Mods Firefly v2.5 Unicorn Edition (Magazine Fed)
  • Weight: 1.90kg
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Our Firefly had been infuse with some magical color and transform into a new color variant of MM Firefly Blaster. For this blaster it will be coming in the FULLY ASEEMBLED, please be aware while you purchasing this products. The blaster receiver will be cover with PURPLE color, PINK barrels set and WHITE/YELLOW internals. For spring, we pre-installed a 5kg Firefly main spring. This is blaster that you are able to straight play out from the box (NO ASSEMBLY NEEDED). 

We are coming out with 2 version of this MM Firefly blaster, which is Default tube fed version or the mag fed version (Firefly mag conversion kit).

Mag Fed Firefly contains:
1x MM Firefly v2.5 Unicorn Edition FULLY ASSEMBLED with MM Firefly Magazine Conversion Kit installed
1x MM Firefly Magazine (Transparent)
8x Firefly Shells
10x Stefan Foam Darts

Upgrades parts for this blaster are available in our webstore click here to find out more details.

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