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Monkee Mods Firefly V2.5 Blaster (Switch)

Monkee Mods Firefly V2.5 Blaster (Switch)
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  • Model: Monkee Mods Firefly V2.5 Blaster (Switch)
  • Weight: 1.90kg
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We are super excited to deliver this lovely shell ejecting shotgun to your hands. 

If you are looking for a 200FPS, shell ejecting high performance Nerf shotgun that fires half length dart, look no further. The Monkee Mods Firefly is a beast of it's class, performing close to all those high powered sniper class blaster while being a fun blaster to play around. The blaster holds 5 + 1 rounds and you can upgrade further with our extended barrel kit. One of the most satisfying part of this blaster is how you can load the shell just like a real life pump action shotgun. It's definitely one of the kind blaster, which you should get your hands on!

What makes the Monkee Mods Firefly unique is that the dedication and support we are throwing into making this not just another blaster, but a platform of it's class. For a start, we are making all individual parts available for purchase so if you accidently broke any of your internal or external, from receiver shell to plunger rod, you can get a replacement part for it. We are looking to release more colors for each part of the blaster so if you fancy any of the new part, you can just purchase that and swap it onto your Firefly. More accessories and products will be made available for the blaster and in fact on launch, we are making a few of them available right now. We will be working closely with community members to get more support and parts available for this blaster. 

*For this listing, the Firefly blaster will be coming in fully assembled. No assembly is needed, can be played straight out from the box. Shells w/ darts pack and extra spring are still included in this listing.

Item inlcuded in the listing:

1x Fully Assembled Firefly Blaster (Switch Color) with 5kg Spring installed

1x Ammo Pack ( 8x Firefly Shell + 10 Worker Gen2 Darts )

1x 12kg Monkee Mods Firefly Main Spring

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