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Rifling Swin Believer V2

Rifling Swin Believer V2
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  • Model: Rifling Swin Believer V2
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Premium Grade, High Performance, Quality Assured

Rifling Swin Believer V2 (Variant 2.0) manufacture by Rifling Swin, this blaster overall made CNC metal with processed PVC parts to lighten the overall weight of the blaster. This is a single pump action foam dart blaster, priming grip come in slanted angled easier for gripping and priming with the support of the internal bearing in the priming block. It able to hit around 170-175 with the stock spring installed (Worker Harrier spring can be used as an upgrade spring for this blaster

This blaster come with a proprietary metal slanted magazine that able to hold up to 14 rounds of darts. The barrel that come with the blaster is threaded end easy lock barrel manufactured by Rifling Swin, able to be switch out easily with other threaded foam dart blaster Barrel (JET). Beside that, the blaster had installed with a picatinny rail on top for mounting optics or any other accessories that you prefer to pair with the blaster.

There will be a Rifling Swin fish line scar barrel come along with the blaster that able to provide extra accuracy and performance for your blaster. This fish line scar can be easily installed with rifling swin threaded easy lock barrel. 

This blaster only come in Grey

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