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Monkee Mods X American Foam Firefly Blaster

Monkee Mods X American Foam Firefly Blaster
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  • Model: Monkee Mods X American Foam Firefly Blaster
  • Weight: 3.00kg
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Proudly introducing the new collaboration between Monkee Mods and American Foam, a well know YouTuber in the foam slinging community. This is a limited edition firefly blaster mainly featuring a different colour scheme, icy blue and bright orange. 

This reskin version of Firefly we did some small changes accordingly to fit to theme of this something similar to a nerf blaster colour theme. 

- The main receiver shell is Ice Blue Transparent together with Bright Orange internals part able to the mechanism of the blaster's internals.

- Blue anodized threaded barrels to match with the newest version of current MM firefly blaster. It also come in extended set for the barrels set (ala carte purchase is available)

- Bundling with orange MM firefly shell pack with 10 worker gen 2 darts

- Spring included will be a 5kg and 12kg spring great for starter who wanna get into the hobbies or veteran who want extra performance from the blaster.

This is a limited release of the Firefly blaster, limited quantity will be made available for now. Do support your favorite foam slinging content creator by purchasing this blaster. A portion of the sale from this blaster will goes to American Foam. 

Note: This is a fully disassembled kit. Here is the video guide for our Monkee Mods Firefly installation 


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