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Hare Technology Diana (Full Transparent)

Hare Technology Diana (Full Transparent)
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  • Model: Hare Technology Diana (Full Transparent)
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An all brand new innovation of flywheel blaster is ready to perform in your hands. Introducing the brand new brushless flywheel blaster, Diana. 

Manufactured by Hare Technology, an innovative change to put a brushless flywheel into a compact size blaster, with the measurement only of 207mm long, 50mm wide and 175mm height. This blaster even though of its small stature it will still be able to perform well as a powerful sidearm. 

Main features of this blaster has:

1. It is a brushless flywheel blaster that is able to run with a xt-30 14.8v 4s battery or xt-30 11.1v 3s (for lower performance).

- In semi mode the trigger response time is around 280ms, while in full auto mode the RPM is 15r/s or 900r/m.

2. Fire selection and motor selection mode:

- On both sides of the Diana blaster will have a switch, left hand size for the motor mode, rage and cool mode. In hot mode the motor will pre spin the flywheel in a slower speed for preparing the next shot for the blaster. While in cool mode it will does the opposite, the motor won’t pre spin the flywheel and there will be slight delay from the trigger to the pusher. 

- On the right hand side is the fire selector switch which enables the user to switch between safe ,semi and full-auto.

3. LED light iron sight plus indicator:

- The iron sight on the Diana blaster has a LED indicator to help indicate the remaining battery level. In standby mode the LED shines normally, when it is low battery the LED will start to blink slowly. If the battery that is being used isn't compatible or the chipboard is having issues the LED light will flash very quickly. This could indicate an error on the battery or the chipboard.

Other bonus features of this Diana blaster:

- Slide is RMR ready!

- Underneath the battery compartment has port ready for extra rails or attachment.

- A small window allow you to monitor the pusher movement.

- Come with a proprietary mag that can hold up to 10-11 darts. 

This blaster includes:

1 x Diana Blaster

1 x Magazine 

Note: this blaster does NOT come with a battery or charger. Both are sold separately. 

Update from Monkee Mods 24/11/2023:

Now the Diana blaster is available in full transparent variation (Slide and lower is now transparent) instead of the usual version that come with the grey colour lower frame. 

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